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The perfect fall skin care routine : The pumpkin Face Cleanser and Nourishing Face crem by L’Erbolario


L’Erbolario is an italian brand that launched a line named Bio-Ecocosmetics, certified organic by ICEA. The line consists in seven diffrent products three for the face and four for the body care. In the past few weeks I tested two products of the line: the Face Cleanser with Pumpkin, Ribwort Leaves and Bilberry  Extracts and the Nourishing Face Cream with Macadamia and Pumpkin Oils With Bilberry Extract. Both products are certified ICEA, cruelty free, vegan and tested on seven heavy metals.


The Face Cleanser with Pumpkin, Ribwort  leaves and Bilberry Extracts is  rich in active substances and have a particularly gelatinous consistency the formula is ” based on a recipe that respects the skin’s natural balance and which, thanks to the elastic structure of polysaccharides extracted from Guar seeds, captures and removes impurities by adhering to the skin. Well-being is ensured by the nourishing, moisturising and protective elements contained in the organic extracts with their high vitamin and mineral salt content, while the pleasure of splendid smoothness is guaranteed by the presence of precious Tapioca Starch.” The Face Cleanser has a delicate and fresh scent, cleanses the skin deeply without leaving it dehydrated. I recommend this product to every type of skin, because is delicate and suitable for the most sensitive skin but also has a good cleaning action so suitable for oily skins. The best way to use the product is to distribute a small amount of the cleanser on the face and neck, leave it on for a few seconds and rinse with warm water. The pack contains 150 ml of product with a PAO of 6 months. The price is € 14.90 here the list of  the flag ship store.

The Nourishing Face Cream with Macadamia and Pumpkin Oils With Bilberry Extract. Was formulated for: “mature and tired skin, but also for sensitive skin, based on the effectiveness of organic, highly available ingredients – such as extracts of Bilberry and Milk Thistle – to ensure a preventive effect against wrinkles and sagging. Your skin will experience a new sensation of comfort, it will be well-protected from the effects of atmospheric agents and pollution and will also maintain long-lasting freshness thanks to the emollient, elasticising and nourishing power of precious oils (Evening Primrose, Musk Rose, Sunflower, Jojoba, Pumpkin, Macadamia) which work in synergy with the waxes and butters of Almond, Wheat, Shea and Barley. ” The cream have a thick texture but it absorbs with unexpected speed, leaving the skin extremely nutritious but not greasy. The fragrance is similar to the Face cleanser sent, with a final note that reminds me the smell of toasted almonds. The cream is perfect as a day cream for the coldest months of the year and is also a great makeup base. The pack contains 50 ml of product with a PAO of 6 months. The price is € 16.90 here the list of points of sale.



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