Body Boom Kokos review

If you are a scrub lovers you already heard about Body Boom a Polish brand very popular on instagram that produces body scrubs. 

All the scrubs have as main ingredient coffee because contains caffeine that has several great features: it smoothes the skin, it exfoliates, it firms the body, it reduces cellulite, it slims, it nourished the skin, it prepares the skin for easier absorption of lotion or cream’s active ingredients, it gives your body sexy colour and scent and last but not least it improves subcutaneous circulation. Besides of coffee all the ingredients inside the scrub are almost natural and in the list we can find: vitamin E, Argan oil, Macadamia oil, Sweet Almond oil, brown sugar, Himalayan salt, cacao powder and fragrance.

 I received during the Cosmoprof 2017 a sample of Kokos Body Boom this scrub have a great scents of coconut, coffee and a bit of dark chocolate. Before using the product I wet my skin massage the scrub for at least two minutes and let it rest on my skin for about 5 to 10 minutes. I rinse the scrub with cold water. The packaging is very simple but practical because you can easily close the scrubs once you opened and the color of the logo is different for every scent. The regular size contain 200gr for 16,50 €. You can find here the scrubs. My final opinion about the product is that it have a great scent, the scrub is not too aggressive and the formula rich of oils leaves the skin really soft and nourished.




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