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Ready for Coachella: Hairstyle idea for festival

The festival season is started.  Inspired by Coachella  and spring I create this hairstyle that can survive to several hour under the sun, concert and all the afterparties .

The things you need are:

  • Flexi rods

  • Flaxseed gel

  • Bobby pins

  • Hair tie

  • Flowers

Here the step to achieve this hairstyle:

STEP 1: cowash hair using your favourite conditioner (I use Human kind Grapefruit Conditioner) and  don’t forget to do the last rinse with cold water, to make you hair look shiny

STEP 2: apply a few drop of Jojoba oil on the hair.

STEP 3: wrap the hair in a towel until they almost dry out.

STEP 4: divide the hair into small sections and apply a leave-in conditioner, I used the CurlyEllie one, make sure to be more generous on your tips and after that I twist the hair starten from roots on the flexi rods.

STEP 5: when the hair are completely dry take off the flexi rods, for more volume separate the strand in thinner curls using the Flaxseed gel for preventig frizz.

STEP 6: Take a small part of the hair in the front section of your head and make a bun. Secure the flowers around the bun using bobby pins.


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