Swatches Dr Hauschka makeup line

(Qui la versione in italiano)

Dr Hauschka on March 1 release the makeup line completely renovated. Completely reworked formulations, new products, packaging of an intense dark purple designed to be manageable and elegant, a truly wonderful line. I had the pleasure to attend the event held in Milan, where the brand gift to me one volumizing mascara, one eyeshadow and one lipstick. Dr Hauschka puts a special attention to the topic of environmental sustainability, use  organic essences, extracts and ingredients. Where possible use raw material from biodynamic agriculture and is NATRUE certificate.


The packaging of the lipstick has a rounded shape that resembles a triangle and that makes it extremely manageable using it. I’m in love with the tone it’s a hot red that spreads easily and is very comfortable on the lips. The price is € 22.50.



A volumizing purple mascara, the applicator is real good because the first pass lengthens and the second application the volumizes the lashes. Very nice color recommended to those looking for an alternative to the usually black mascara.Il price is € 24.00.

Lapis lazuli

As the eponymous stone from which it takes its name a really nice blue jeans,not dust but still easy to blend. Full color is achieved with two applications for this I find it suitable as a transition color. Practical packaging that comes with mirror and brush. The price is € 15.00


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