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How to: avoid frizz on curly hair

Frizz is the nightmare of all the curly girls and boys out there. I eliminate frizz from my hair with simple trick and using the right products. 

For example when I do my wash and go I detangling my hair only with conditioner and I never brush after wash out the product.When my hair are still wet I apply a drop of oil and I use a t-shirt instead of a towel for start drying out. When my hair are almost dry I took off the shirt and I apply my frizz controller, my favorite of the moment is Lozione Ricci morbidi by Biofficina Toscana. I ended the process when is possible let my hair air dry.

When I do protective style like flat twist, I spray on my hair my Lozione Anti Crespo by Biofficina Toscana a drop of Aloe Vera gel and I start to twist my hair.

Let me know how you do to avoid frizz.

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